Flooring Features That Follow Customer Mood

random width flooring

Just like a general practitioner, or GP, the flooring technician first asks the customer how he or she is doing. Before he can work and advise accordingly, he needs to get an impression of the customer’s mood. He could very well propose random width flooring for the customer’s next home remodeling project or business renovation, but why not explore the mood, ideals and aspirations. Why not live out your dreams.

Perhaps you have sunny visions of living in an old country-style farmhouse. Perhaps you enjoy everything that visually represents your colonial legacy. Or perhaps you fancy yourself as something of a rawhide or rhinestone cowboy on your ranch. Living in the city, you might want to leap forward in time and create something of the smooth, stylish New York City loft styles. Either way, once your consultations with your flooring technician are complete, the work commences.

And once the work is completed, it is perfectly polished flooring all the way through. It is sustainable work too. Hardwood is being sourced locally. The wood has its own style and character that can add years of life into the carefully prepared planks. The flooring technician will also assist you with a careful selection of edge treatments, distressing, finishing options, surface textures and, finally, wood species.

All of which contributes towards helping to create the look and feel, and the mood you originally envisioned for your finished floor. Whether it is wide red oak or white oak, all planks prepared before laying out in your rooms are handcrafted. Rustic planks are set against a master plank to check for fit, edging and straightness. A preferred level of distressing is achieved through the matching of customized threshold and the use of old world eighteenth century styled color matching nails.